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Some reports have the game of tug of war being around since the 8th Century BC. This was a way for Emperors to train their warriors. Of course, they had more than 500 men on each end of much smaller ropes, and they also had drummers to encourage their participants. However, it all began to downsize from there, especially once it got to Western Europe in the 16th Century AD.  

In the early 19th Century it was introduced into the Summer Olympics; in which it stayed a part of until it was cut out in 1920 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Great Britain took home the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in 1908.

In 1980, the Scottish Tug of War Association (STOWA) was formed. Before 1980, it was seen at many Highland Games events, but it was done as more of a professional or indoor affair due to the rules put forth by the IOC and the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF). The STOWA elected to make it more of a sporting or outdoor event. They have gone on to win many World Championships.

Today, Approximately 53 countries around the world participate in Tug-of-War competitions; locally and internationally.

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