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Trish Jones

Member at Large/ Assistant Athletic Director

Trish spent many years working in corporate American, but in 2006, she joined the Army at 42 years young; becoming the oldest new recruit in the history of US Armed Forces. After serving 8 years in the military as a helicopter mechanic, she currently estimates property damages for a general contractor covering all of Florida.

While working remotely estimating disastrous events, she travels the country with her family, taking sightseeing tours of the beautiful natural landscapes across our great nation. When she’s home in North Florida, Trish works on restoring her old farmhouse and riding the back roads on her motorcycle with friends.

Trish was elected to the NEFL Board of Directors in 2023 after successfully orchestrating the athletic division for that years’ game. Trish has been involved in Scottish Highland games as a master athlete since 2009, later obtaining her Athletic Judging Certification in 2020, and is currently the Assistant Athletic Director of NEFL Scottish Highland Games and Festival.

Trish Jones
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