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Shawn Wardlaw

Vice President

Shawn Wardlaw is a Federal Firefighter and Paramedic, currently assigned to Naval Air Station Jacksonville for the last 23 years.  He served as a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy for 8 years.  During his tenure with the NEFL Games, he assisted with grounds set up, operating the Heavy Duty Forklifts and staging equipment around the grounds.  He then accepted coordinating the RV reservation process, that includes handling the reservation, and assisting the patrons upon arrival to the grounds to their site. 

Additionally Shawn coordinates the Medical Response team that consists of volunteer Paramedics, Nurses, and First Responders, that handle all medical emergencies that occur during the games at the fairgrounds.  He is the liaison with the Sheriff's Office and Fire Rescue personnel that support our event by being the on-site "command" representative, coordinating response(s) for medical and law enforcement personnel.


Shawn Wardlaw
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