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Geri Swarts


Geri Swarts was elected to the NEFL Highland Games Board of Directors in 2023. Although a

newer member of the Board, she has served on the Committee for 2 years and has been

attending the NEFL Highland Games for over 10 years. She is a proud member of Clan

Douglas and also has ties to Clan Campbell.

Geri was in the Florida Army National Guard for just over 31 years but is now retired. She was

enlisted for almost 9 years and then went to the FLARNG State OCS Program where she was

commissioned as a 2LT in July 1999. When she retired in 2021, she held the rank of Colonel

and was the Deputy Director of the United States Property and Fiscal Office, also designated as the G-8.

Geri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and Business from Liberty University in addition to her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Liberty University. She graduated there in May 2023 with her fellow Board Member and Treasurer, Carol Taylor. She assists Carol with financial duties whenever possible. She keeps the Board and Committee meeting minutes and sends out emails with updated info and meeting reminders. She is also the primary POC for all contact information for the Board and Committee members. She assists all Board Members and Committee Members with communications and directs inquiries to the correct contact person. She assists with Grounds set-up and ensures all sponsor banners line the arena and places the signage for events.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, Jerry and their four German Shepherds, cooking, reading and spending time outdoors.


Geri Swarts
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