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For those who maybe do not understand the reason of this tune. It is a lament to the many Scottish noble-men and above all King James the Fourth who perished alongside 10,000 of his countrymen at Flodden. Possibly the saddest day in Scotland's history.


Conner McKay
Karen Shear
Douglas Speed
Robert Robertson
Doug Speed, Jr.
Sallie Messina


Bertha G Baillie
Captain Thomas Barber
Barbara M. Betkar
Charles Demers
Joyce Demers
Bonnie Elizabeth Fricke
Janet Gervin
Cynthina McNeal Hearn
Gary Hesker
Wilma Elaine Kennan
Daniel James Krukemeyer
Joseph Patrick Lappin, Jr.
Launa Gae Lindsey
Betsy Lovett
Don McBride
Jim MacDonald

Lt Commander William (Bill) McPherson
Jim Overby
Col William H. Tomlinson
David Waugh
Jack Welkenbach
Chief Robert Wieder
Danise Young
Joshua Zebr

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