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Sat, Feb 25, 2023




Q: Can I bring my pet with me?

A: Unfortunately, no.  Click here to see our Animal Policy.

Q: How will I know when everything is happening?
A: Our program includes detailed maps and schedules.** Paper copies are available at the gate, free of charge, on the day of the Games. Click here to view or download a digital copy.

** All schedules are subject to change, with or without notice. 

Changes will be announced throughout the day over the PA and on social media.

Q: How will I know where to find what I want to see?

A: There is a map printed in the program. 

Q: Where can I get an alcoholic beverage at the games?

A: Beer is available** for purchase from 11:00am to 9:00pm.  

** Must be at least twenty-one years of age and present valid photo ID to purchase and or consume alcohol. 

Q: How much is parking?

A: FREE! We provide free parking for all of out attendees.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept credit cards at the gate. Most of our vendors accept credit cards and we provide ATMs on site the day of the Games. 

Click here for more information about where and how to purchase tickets. 

Q: Is your event family friendly?

A:  Yes! We are a 100% family friendly event. We even have a children's area set up just like an authentic highland athletic field for the adults, just considerably smaller. 

Q: Do you offer group discounts?
A:  Yes! You can use coupon code NEFL6+ at checkout for an additional 15% off so long as you have at least 6 tickets in your cart.  Click here to purchase tickets. 

Q: Do you have Scottish animals at your games?

A: YES!  We have many of the Scottish breed dogs, Highland Coos (cows), and even a Shetland Pony or two. We do our best to add something new every year.

Click here for more information on Scottish Animals at our Games.

Q: Do you have handicapped parking?

A: YES! The first several rows are dedicated for handicapped parking. We also provide some shuttle service via golf cart to and from the gates. 

Q: Do you offer community service hours for volunteering?

A: YES!  We are a 501 (c) (3) and offer community service credit for volunteered hours.

Click here for more information on volunteering.

Q: Is there an additional charge for the evening concerts?

A: Nope. The evening concert is included as part of your festival ticket. 

Click here to see who is performing.

Q: If I'm not planning to come to the festival, can I still come to the concert?

A: YES!  Just pay the $10 charge at when entering the entertainment area.

Click hereto see who is performing.

​​Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games & Festival