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Pipes & Drums

Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Pipes & Drums

Northeast Florida Scottish Games is proud to have back the Band and Solo Piping Competition again this year. If you missed it before make sure to check it out this year. Last year was great. For more information on the Band and Solo Piping Competition please go to

Competition Registration: Registration Closed for 2023

For more information on Pipes and Drums please contact David Boyett at

2023 Attending Judges
​Bill Caudill
John Bottomley
John Recknagle
Ian Donalds
Jim Dillahey
Steve McClure
Tom Kee
​Robert Wallace

2023 Attending Compeition Bands
​City of St. Augustine Pipe Band
Savanah Pipes and Drums
City of Mount Dora Pipe Band
City of Greenville Pipe Band
Charleston Pipe Band (Gr. 4)
Charleston Pipe Band (Gr. 5)
​The Citadel
​Rosie O'Grady's Highlanders

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