Ron Davis

While playing guitar, harmonica, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and dobro, Ron Davis has been performing his unique musical style for over 20 years. Be sure to catch Ron at his tent in the food area.

SYR (SIRE) is a Celtic Folk Rock band from Columbia, SC. Taking inspiration from Celtic history, stories and myth, SYR blends their own rock background to create powerful songs with themes like battle, love, loss, heritage and victory.

   Frontman and founder Kyle MacCallum also honors the language of ancient Scotland by including lyrics and songs in Gaelic.    The band consists of siblings Kyle (lead vocals, guitar) and Laurel MacCallum (vocals, percussion), Emily Bracey-Neff (violin), Kelly Huff (bass), Luis Valverde (drums) and Ben Campbell (guitar).Type your paragraph here.

Jax Treblemakers

National Anthem's

The Jax Treblemakers are a volunteer Acapella group that is comprised of some of Jacksonville’s most talented singers. The group maintains an eclectic repertoire of contemporary, jazz, pop, musical theater, and many other genres of music. As a nomadic group, the group has performed all over the city, cultivating talent and spreading their love of music throughout the city of Jacksonville.

​​Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games & Festival

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Did you know? 

There are more Scots living outside of Scotland than there are inside.